Lest we forget the conservative media’s tireless attempts to get the term “Obama’s Katrina” to stick:

Gulf oil spill: “Obama’s Katrina”
H1N1 flu: “Obama’s Katrina”
Fort Hood shootings: “Obama’s Katrina”
Kentucky’s March ice storms: “Obama’s Katrina”
Haiti earthquake: “Obama’s Katrina”
GM bankruptcy: “Obama’s Katrina”
Christmas Day underwear bomber: “Obama’s Katrina”
Housing policies in Chicago : “Obama’s Katrina”
Vatican sex-abuse scandal: “Obama’s Katrina”
Boston waterpipe break: “Obama’s Katrina”
Attempted Times Square car bombing: “Obama’s Katrina”
Another Brett Favre comeback: “Obama’s Katrina”

Today: Eleven dead as record flooding engulfs Tennessee. AKA “Obama’s Katrina”.

  1. why you calling it 'h1n1'? whats wrong with just 'swine flu'?

    other than that, good point

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