Hooray for the new Loch Ness Monster graph:

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  1. Gherald says:

    Yup yup, all predicted quite a few months ago from GDP growth--employment being a lagging indicator and all.

    • Metavirus says:

      but of course. try telling that to republican leaders in congress. e.g., Rep. Boner: "Where are the JOBS!?"

      • Gherald says:

        It is impolite to tell politicians about reality.

          • Metavirus says:

            OMG, the Boner Stoopid gets WORSE: "While positive signs are good news, and we expect our economy will recover, it will be because of the hard work and entrepreneurship of the American people — and despite Washington Democrats’ job-killing agenda of more spending, higher taxes and more regulation,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said."

            • Gherald says:

              No, that's less stupid than "where are the jobs".

              He's arguing for a counterfactual, suggesting that recovery would have been better under a hypothetical pro-entrepreneurship Republican administration that bailed out fewer institutions, cut more taxes and kept them lower, spent less, and reduced rather than increased regulation.

              Maybe he's wrong. But it is, at least, a reasonable and expected thing for him to be claiming. File this one under "Boehner doing his job", not "Boehner being stupid".

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