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I work with the sweetest girl who, I thought, had a good head on her shoulders. Today I made a comment that I needed to get my kitteh fixed. She then told me that she had an appointment to get her cat fixed but she had to cancel. I naturally asked her why and she said that the cat had already gotten pregnant. I told her that they could still do the surgery and she said that she could not be part of any abortion.

OK. I can understand that. She has a stance on abortion, doesn’t surprise me as she is so nice and wouldn’t want to put the cat in danger. I then asked her what were they going to do with the kittens. She said,”I guess Tim will put them in a bag and take them to the river like he did last year.


I almost choked. She is so brainwashed by her church and Christianity that it is OK to kill the kittens after they are born as long as she is not party to an abortion. I couldn’t speak. How can people be like this? She lives with a guy, not married, and they have a child but she will kill the kittens after they are born?

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  1. Chunzilla says:

    Chilling really. Extend this type of gross thinking error, and other atrocities that have historically occurred on our planet are unfortunately comprehendable. People who are taught to follow what someone else says is right, rather than taught to think and discern truth. Radically different neurological ways to train and use the brain. Think, people, think! Or our ship is gonna sink.

  2. Metavirus says:

    holy jeebus. /faceplam /facepalm /facepalm

  3. LeeAnn says:

    You're making this one up, right? Seriously, you have to be exaggerating. Honestly, I know you're not -- and that's just sad….

    • Metavirus says:

      Like Mr. Mackey asked on a recent episode of South Park: "Are you saying that 25% of Americans are retarded?" Replied the kids, "Yeah dude, at least."

  4. Dan Gilbert says:

    Seriously?! Like LeeAnn, my first reaction is that it's a made up story. If true, that's just nuts. Ack!

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