To stop wasteful, institutionalized bribery (of which both Democrats and Republicans are guilty) like this:

Republicans are stepping up their campaign to win donations from Wall Street, trying to capitalize on an increasing sense of regret among executives at big financial institutions for backing Democrats in 2008.

In discussions with Wall Street executives, Republicans are striving to make the case that they are banks’ best hope of preventing President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats from cracking down on Wall Street. […]

[House Minority Leader John Boehner] told [James Dimon, the chairman and chief executive of J.P. Morgan] congressional Republicans had stood up to Mr. Obama’s efforts to curb pay and impose new regulations.

In Non-Bizzaro America, the Republicans’ very-public whoring of themselves to Wall Street during a time of high unemployment, rage at the banking industry and massive middle class insecurity would doom their chances in the 2010 elections.

In Bizzaro America, Fox News and Frank Luntz will inevitably wash away the taint and the sheeple will just keep chewing their cud and waiting for the Rapture.

And so it goes…


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