DougJ does some investigative speculating (and Gherald baiting):

In my quest to be a more serious denizen of the blogosphere, I recently began reading TAPPED and Kevin Drum more regularly. Much to my chagrin, both refer to Megan McArdle constantly. Why?

I understand that she makes occasional good points about things like free trade, but there must be other conservative bloggers who do this who don’t say stupid things like this…and who can generally express their thoughts in under a thousand words. Why do people like Kevin Drum and Tim Fernholz take her blog seriously?

Update. This is indeed probably how the process works:

1) Megan gets a ridiculous contrarian thought
2) Megan writes 800 word minimum post about said thought
3) Sully writes one sentence link, must include some form of the word “fisk” at least 50% of the time
4) Tyler Cowen links to it
5) after 3 and 4 liberal bloggers simply cannot ignore the obvious fallacies, rip the piece to shreds
6) Megan defends her piece by any means necessary up to and including striking her critics with lumber
7) critics again fail to recognize that she is not arguing in good faith and provide yet more links to

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  1. Gherald says:

    When I read her post that was discussed at "stupid things like this" I thought she was being way premature and narrow in her analysis. I don't think we know how the public is going to react to health reform months from now.

    But moreover, as Yglesias once explained, it doesn't make sense to pursue majorities with the hope of not offending anyone and keeping them in perpetuity. In a representative democracy, you get elected to accomplish stuff you believe in, not to cover your ass.

    As you know I read Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein constantly, despite the fact that they periodically exercise tired and discredited lefty memes or could be said to be arguing in bad faith. Bloggers are human, yo, but they and Megan are three of the best around.

    I know Ezra and Yglesias hold Megan's (and Tyler Cowen's) blogging in high esteem. And they're Megan's analogs on the left. If someone to my left doesn't want to read Megan, it's their choice, but it is they who are shutting out intelligent debate.

    The post LG quotes here is a good indication of why I read Ezra and Yglesias and occasionally Kevin Drum & TAPPED much more than I read Balloon Juice (basically only when LG links to it). I'm not interested in people who regularly launch ad hominems against bloggers they disagree with rather than making some substantive points and moving on.

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