I’ve spent a lot of time overseas but really don’t have any insight on an important question: Are there other Western democracies whose people hate science and intellectuals as much as Americans do?

This quote by Chris Matthews this morning on climate change pretty much sums up the prideful ignorance our country seems to love:

“Is the drive to save the planet hurt because it’s the baby of the intellectuals?”

Jeebus save us if this trend continues for much longer.

P.S. I again highly recommend you check out the book Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free

  1. schu says:

    If you are marching in lock step with everyone else, like the Republicans are doing, anyone who questions you actions is scary and automatically the enemy. Since "intellectuals" usually question everything they are then a great enemy. Hence the organization mocks them and turns their description into a slur like liberal, environmentalist or rewrites the definition like they have with Christian or family values.

    • Metavirus says:

      The right certainly has gotten good with attaching a derisive slur tothings. I guess the left has words like \”denialist\” but I think theright has been much more effective in the slurrifaction of ourpolitical discourse. Everything is Manichean to them: good vs evil,dirty hippies vs responsible conservatives, homosexual agenda vs.Freedom and religous liberty

      • schu says:

        Hatred always sells well for a while. Until it destroys the person doing the hating. If you keep that in mind, and then look at what is happening to the GOP you can begin to understand a lot of its problems. We have a lot of people in this country who are to lazy to think and hate is a deceptively easy path to tread. Once you start hating and finding fault with your opponents it is a very easy step to start hating and finding fault with your friends and colleges. Then you must demand that they always agree with you or they are the enemy. You the get the current GOP.

  2. Dan Gilbert says:

    The anti-intellectualism of the right is just astonishing. They'd have you believe that the less education you receive, the more "common" you are, and the more relevance and importance you have in this country. It's absurd and aggravating.

    I'm looking forward to starting Idiot America. I'd purchased it a month or so ago, but was finishing up a couple other books on my reading list. It's next in line!

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