Wingnut rag World Net Daily has been an abominable, tetchy, far-out sewer of rightwing conspiracies and general insanity for a while now. But this really seems quite beyond the pale to me:

The publisher of World Net Daily, Joseph Farah, is openly calling for theocratic totalitarianism in the United States, in an almost unbelievable article that says the US government should enforce Biblical law or God will destroy us — and once again, it all boils down to a reeking puddle of homophobic bigotry in an article called “Why sin cannot be condoned by state” [sic]:

America is being judged by God.

The biblical proof text is Romans 1.

I am not stating the obvious here – that individuals will be judged for their behavior in the afterlife. What I am saying is we are already being judged in the here and now for rejecting God and one of those judgments is the explosion of homosexuality in our culture and the absolute explosion in the number of people accepting it, condoning it and even rejoicing in it.

Whether you are a believer or not, this affects you. It shapes the world in which you and your children live. If you think your society is depraved now, you have seen nothing yet.

There’s plenty of empirical evidence to prove it even to the most skeptical observer.

When societies accept, condone and embrace sin, they are judged.

Why is this not just some minor story about some paranoid wingnut outfit spewing forth a daily stream of anger, venom, paranoia and hate?

As Charles Johnson points out:

Farah’s bad craziness is endorsed and supported by top GOP politicians.

The Republican National Committee even advertises at Farah’s insane website.

* Side note, you really should read the blog Little Green Footballs on a regular basis. Its proprietor, Charles Johnson, used to be a wingnut fellow-traveler but had an epiphany one day and realized that the people he was surrounded by were batshit insane.

For so sayeth the lord:

Take stock of the friends and brothers that surround thee. For if they are good and righteous men, thou art verily traveling the path to salvation.

But if such friends and brothers be cruel, wicked and contemptuous men, thou art most verily a stupendous asshole.

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  1. schu says:

    The so called Christian fanatics are as dangerous to our liberty as the Taliban. I say so called, because none of them can walk the walk with the Lord, they can on talk of how they think the Lord should do, and in every case their thoughts profit only them.

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