This is really just too sad for words:

One of the worst tragedies of the recession has been people losing their health insurance because they lost their job. Nearly 14,000 Americans lose their insurance every day. Wisconsin father Bill Caudle was laid off from his job at a plastics company in March 2009, which resulted in his family losing their employer-subsidized health care coverage. This put the family in an especially precarious position, because Bill’s wife, Michelle, was an ovarian cancer patient. After months of unsuccessfully looking for work, Caudle did the only thing he could to get his wife chemotherapy — he joined the Army:

Bill needed a job. He needed health benefits. […]

The Army would solve their health coverage problem. In years past he would have been too old, but in 2005 the age limit for enlistment was increased from 35 to 40, and a year later it was raised again to 42. The tradeoff would be his absence from home.

In the end, although he risked leaving Michelle to fight cancer on her own, Bill chose the Army. He signed on for a job as a signal support systems specialist, a soldier who works with communications equipment.

“Seventy percent of the reason is for the insurance,” said Bill’s mother, Marguerite Hemiller. “He told me, ‘I’ve always wanted to do something for my country and I have to help Michelle.’”

The United States is the only industrialized country in the world that does not guarentee comprehensive health coverage to all of its citizens. In the rest of the developed world, Bill would not have to leave his cancer-stricken wife behind and risk his own life in order to get her care.

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  1. mrs. dalton says:

    This has to be the most dear to my heart story I have heard in a long time. My husband is a disabled veteran and any army news is dear to me. But this man in love with his wife decides her life is worth more than his time at home. That is what true love is. I hope that this story truly ends with a happy ending, for these are kind hearted people and thats the ones that deserve the great things in life….

  2. schu says:

    Many people join the armed forces for various benefits, health care, education, and a sense of service. It shows his sense of honor that he has figured out a way to care for his wife.

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