A panel of experts weighs in on the controversy…

Comments Adam Serwer:

The Onion Wins the Internet

First, there was the article on the “afterbirthers” demanding to see Obama’s placenta. Now, we have an Onion segment discussing whether or not using a minotaur to gore detainees is, in fact, torture. Obviously there are two sides to the question.

“Forcing prisoners to wander in an infinite labyrinth living in fear of being torn limb from limb by the minotaur may be harsh now, but you have to remember what it was like after 9/11.”

Note that while all the other guests are from fake organizations, the woman who says the “minotaur kept us safe” is simply a “columnist for National Review Online.”

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  1. Metavirus says:

    The Onion is a continent of Win.

  2. schu says:

    Entertaining, and does sound like the Bush/Cheney defenders.

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