If anyone is looking for reasons why the Republican Party holds little to no appeal to me right now, here’s something to noodle on:

Less than half of Republicans believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States of America, a new public opinion poll finds.

Only 42 percent of Republican respondents in a Research 2000 survey … said they thought Obama was a natural born citizen; 28 percent said they did not believe Obama was born in the United States; 30 percent said they were not sure.

The responses, which were gathered after several prominent conservative media personalities fed suspicion that Obama was unconstitutionally holding office, show the extent to which the conspiracy has taken hold in the GOP.

That only a plurality of Republicans were willing to acknowledge the president was born in America is nothing short of astounding, considering the preponderance of evidence that confirms his Hawaiian birth.

This isn’t the lunatic fringe of the party; a majority of Republicans aren’t fully convinced that our President isn’t a foreign-born interloper!

Someone call me the day the Republican Party gets some measure of its sanity back. Until then, enjoy the frothing mass of hate-filled, paranoid, xenophobic stew you’ve been stirring for 40+ years.

  1. PChun says:

    Perhaps some aren't even sure Hawaii's in the USA. Evidence: We got a call from a Visa Fraud Tracker when we were in Hawaii which said we should pre-inform them when we intend to leave the country and make purchases. We said last we heard Hawaii IS within our country. They said, "Well, you know what we mean. Call anyway." My question is: What the heck is happening in the South???? What are the average educational/internet stats??? Are Confederates still fighting a war long gone? What's really going on?

  2. schu says:

    They lost, but they cannot believe they lost hence there must be a big dark conspiracy that stole the election. Hence the birther movement, the tea bag insanity, and the other big lies are conceived to explain the loses suffered during the elections. To cover up all of there scandals they must push the big lie and point at the president.

  3. Kevin says:

    Im glad this poll came up with these results, for an unrelated reason;

    A few months ago, a poll came out claiming Obama was the most polarizing president ever, that he has the worst support from the opposite party. I dismissed it as misleading, because the republican party is more radical and smaller than ever. Now this polls shows I was completely right. Makes me feel good inside… :)

    now metavirus…where is YOUR birth certificate!?!?!?

  4. PChun says:

    I remember a conversation with relatives who lived in the intense housing projects of an inner-city, sincere nice people within an overwhelming micro-environment. We were talking about the stars and space, and they laughed that I believed someone had actually landed on the moon or that there's actually a space station up there. Their reality so radically differed from a reality where something like this was possible, that they couldn't conceive of it as real, must be a hoax, science fiction. I wonder if something like this is at play in the South. Not just differing opinions based on facts, but a whole segment of the population denying facts. We landed on the moon, fact. Obama born in Hawaii, fact. What's in their reality that makes this inconceiveable? The ghetto of racism? Thoughts?

  5. schu says:

    Once you start down the road of the world is full of deep dark conspiracies aimed at the unsuspecting average American you soon start believing that everyone is against you and that paranoia rules. Whether you believe that the space program , Holocaust, human rights, immigration, or the fact that the Russians are building a tunnel under the Bearing Sea to attack the USA. One of the deepest darkest myths that the conspiracy Theorists have is the great threat of the Liberal Press. There is no liberal press it is almost all corporate press written to support big business’s position. The way most of the Conspiracy Theorists justify their claims is that most of them are so far to the Right that Pat Buchanan looks like a liberal. All of this reminds me of an old Role Playing game called “Paranoia” and the games statement that the computer is your friend and can do no wrong…

  6. Tom says:

    It's easy to laugh when you are very entrenched in your own paradigm.

    Consider this. During the 2000 election, the person in the state of Fla who was duly authorized to certify the results of their election said Bush won. People who questioned it took it to court.

    Currently, the person in Hawaii who is duly authorized to certify who was born in that state said that Obama was born there. People who question it are considered, what, uneducated southerners???

    • Metavirus says:

      Either that's the strangest apples to oranges comparison I've heard ina long time or I'm completely missing your point.

    • schu says:

      It's easy to laugh when you are very entrenched in your own paradigm. I totally agree with you about this, mainly because that is what you are doing. Not even a Republican judge will hear this case of smoke and mirrors. It has been thrown out of numerous courts and is only kept alive to justify a political loss. It simply underlines a great deal of paranoia.

  7. Tom says:

    It's difficult to imagine being clearer. You talked earlier about epistemology, so I assume that you are interested in knowing how you know what you know (or believe you do). The only incontrovertible facts are the ones I've outlined so briefly above. Beyond those are speculation. Is the birth certificate valid? How should the chad be interpreted. Since you don't have direct knowledge, all you can rely on is what you do know, i.e. that duly authorized officials certified as they did. Any attempt to go beyond that necessarily goes beyond facts and more importantly, is colored by your paradigm. What troubles me the most is the dismissive, superior, insulting way the dems are acting in this case. I recall the Fla situation as being a class of lawyers not a chance to call the other side names.

    • Metavirus says:

      if you're seriously attempting to draw a solid parallel between the Bush/Gore election fight and the abject lunacy brewing in the Birther movement over Obama's birth certificate, i just really have nothing much to say to that.

  8. schu says:

    With the large number of birthers’s also claiming that the President is a secret Muslim, a communist, a dedicated Marxist, or a socialist it seems to be rather easy to dismiss such unfounded jury rigged claims as paranoia. And while this paranoia is not limited to the south, a large amount of the noise seem to coming from there.

  9. Rooker says:

    The more these loons shout about the birth certificate the more I like it. They make it hard for anyone to take the sane Republicans seriously because nobody but the most extreme fools believes this rubbish. Even the Republicans are embarrassed and wish these people would sit down and shut up.

    I hope they never stop and I hope the press never stops giving them air time, at least not until after the mid-term elections next year. The GOP is the party of the lunatic fringe, as long as these people stay in the spotlight.

  10. schu says:

    As this is an ongoing discussion CNN is trying to block a commercial challenging their commentator Dobbs support of the birther’s movement. It seems that they feel that they can air their own position but not allow it to be challenged unless it is on their terms and under their control.

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