Some interesting poll numbers have come out recently with some dire news for the GOP. Consider this from a NYT/CBS poll:

While Republicans have steadily increased their criticism of Mr. Obama, particularly on the budget deficit, the poll found that the Republican Party is viewed favorably by only 28 percent of those polled, the lowest rating ever in a New York Times/CBS News poll. In contrast, 57 percent said that they had a favorable view of the Democratic Party. [emphasis added]

And this from a WSJ/NBC poll:

25 percent hold a favorable view of the Republican Party, which is an all-time low for it in the poll. 45 percent hold a favorable view of the Democratic Party. [emphasis added]

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  1. Schu says:

    While I think that the poles do show the reality of the Republican Party losing any contact with people not in the hardcore lockstep, I do have a problem with how most polls are taken. To the best of my knowledge most polls are taken over landline telephone, there by providing a limiting factor. I have not had a landline in two years; I use a cell phone and Skype. Landlines are a declining in dramatic numbers causing a built in shift locking out most people under forty. This means that the polls numbers are automatically off.

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