Lest you be deceived by flowery words and dexterous political prestidigitation — behold, dear readers, the core position of the Republican obstructionists leaders in Congress, as revealed to us by that sage bard David Brooks:

“Health care reform is important, but it is not worth bankrupting the country over. If this process goes as it has been going — with grand rhetoric and superficial cost containment — then we will be far better off killing this effort and starting over in a few years.”
h/t John Cole

That’s right folks. Regardless of all the fancy talk around the edges, the Republican Party and many in the Conservadem caucus want to kill health care reform completely and irretrievably – no ifs ands or buts about it.

Just as with any hope of serious climate change legislation, the Conservarepublicrats are solely interested in maintaining the status quo in order to repay their lobbyist friends for their campaign cash largesse.

I know this isn’t exactly news to most of you but, well, it bears repeating.


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