This new Gallup poll is obviously great news for the Republican Party:

The decline in Republican Party affiliation among Americans in recent years is well documented, but a Gallup analysis now shows that this movement away from the GOP has occurred among nearly every major demographic subgroup. Since the first year of George W. Bush’s presidency in 2001, the Republican Party has maintained its support only among frequent churchgoers, with conservatives and senior citizens showing minimal decline.

John Cole opines:

First, if the Obama administration is a disaster, the Republicans will quickly rebound. Hell, if in eight years, Obama’s team turns out to have been useless and worthless as the Bush administration, I will have no problem sticking a shiv in them and the Democratic party. If you thought otherwise, you haven’t been paying attention. I’ll never be a Republican again, though.

Second, what will be the most fun about the next couple of days is watching Republicans try to deny or ignore these findings. Everything is fine! We just need to get back to our core principles! This is nothing a little poem or interpretive dance can’t fix! You betcha!

I especially agree with his second point. It’s just a flesh wound!

Update: Larison has more:

The Midwest figures are stunning: Republican ID in this region has dropped by nine points. This is not just the heartland, which the GOP is supposed to represent so well, but it has been the historic core of Republican politics at a national level since the founding of the party. Even having lost the Northeast is not quite as bad as being decimated in the Midwest. The GOP has even lost five points among married voters, six points among whites, seven points among men and nine points among middle-income voters, all of which are equal to or greater than the national average. This is the hollowing-out of the Republican coalition as we know it. McCain will be pleased to find that Republican ID among college graduates has dropped by ten points in the last eight years–the danger of more arrogant young punks involving themselves in conservative politics has been substantially reduced.

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  1. SoreLoser says:

    You say that senior citizens show minimal decline but look again. Many of those that are 65+ today were in the 50-64 catigory 8 years ago. 8 years ago, the 50-64 catigory showed 44% affiliation but the current 65+ numbers are only 41%

  2. Schu says:

    All statistics can be made to lie, depending on how they are presented. Could it be that these people you are referring to have lost loved ones die in an oil war? Or watch them return time and time again, until combat totally uses them up? Or that they have watched their loved ones become so burnt out that they kill themselves? Or perhaps they have lost everything because of the constant deregulation of the markets? Or that they are small business people that have watched the cost of medical insurance eat all their profit, until they can not offer it to their employees, or even cover themselves?

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