Jesus Tapdancing Christ:

Is Bo a rescued dog or not? Did President Obama keep or break a campaign promise in picking the purebred as the family’s new pet?

The twists and turns of the Portuguese water dog’s route to the White House make for the kind of intrigue that political junkies and the highly opinionated dog world delight in.

Even Super Serious Jake Tapper weighed in:

Over the weekend we learned that the Obama girls would be gifted with a pure-bred Portuguese Water Dog named Bo, a gift from Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.

It would seem that the president didn’t ever make a “promise” or “pledge” to adopt a shelter dog.

But it’s also true that as a candidate for the presidency he indicated that he was going to do so.

Animal rights activists are chagrined with his decision.

Ooh, really Jake? Did Obama break a sacrosanct Presidential indication!? Quelle horror!

How, for the love of all that isn’t holy, do these media people look themselves in the mirror in the morning?

I was wondering to myself on the train to work this morning:

Which profession would cause a normal person to lose their self-respect the fastest? Hardcore Porn Star or Super Serious Washington Journalist?

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  1. Kevin says:

    Im a vegetarian and animal sympathizer, but I really couldnt care less about obamas dog….its good to recommend rescuing but they decided not to, oh well…lets move on…

    • Metavirus says:

      agreed. i can stand a picture of the dog here and there but i really don't need to hear about the pearl-clutching from washington reporters as to whether getting a shelter dog was a "campaign pledge"

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