I didn’t think there would something that I would find as entertaining as John Stewart’s epic smackdown of Jim Cramer last night, but I just came across this video of often-reasonable Fox News anchor Shepard Smith openly and ruthlessly mocking Glenn Beck throughout the day.

At the end of it, I literally couldn’t stop myself from laughing for a few minutes. I wonder how many lashes this earns him in the Rupert Murdoch Torture Chamber.

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  1. DB says:

    Wow, this was hilarious. I want to know more on the background of this. Surely it is more than mocking Glenn Beck's far-right fear mongering…

  2. Ben says:

    Unlike the other boys in the Fox bus, Shep has a gag reflex and when Murdoch shoves his schlong-tastic daily talking points down his anchors' throats… Shep evidently won't swallow.

    'Fear Chamber' — that's even funnier than 'Doom Room'. :)

  3. God23 says:

    Stephen Maio, does it hurt to hate so much?

    • Metavirus says:

      it must be sad and lonely in his world. i deleted his comment and banned his IP due to a violation of the comment policy.

      • DB says:

        It puts a huge effin smile on my face to see how scared the far-right is. They had their time in the sun and now it is time for them to see the other side of the debate. I am certainly enjoying the progress being made on gay-marriage, reproductive freedom, foreign policy, SCIENCE, and virtually everything else. I have my complaints, but the steps we have taken forward render my complaints mute.

        btw, sorry I have been MIA…super busy lately. Moving out of Japan in a month or so!

  4. DB says:

    Okinawa ni sundeimasu. Totemo iitokoro des. Lol. I had to have both translated for me as I don't speak Japanese. I am a foreign service officer with the Dept of State. Dream job by all accounts, though I am off to Libya in July! So, needless to say, my blog and feed reader are being neglected! But my Arabic will at least be a touch better!

    • Metavirus says:

      sodesuka! i spent a summer in high school in ishigaki, just south of you. such a gorgeous area of the country. i always wished i could be an FSO, but i've been told my years of hippie pot smoking and such as a youth would be a per se bar. awesome news as to libya. bettawfeeq! you must have such amazing stories…

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