This video is absolutely heart-breaking. I am having a hard time holding back the tears at work.

Sitting here without a mate in my little bubble of comfort, it’s easy to forget about the countless married gay families in California that are currently under assault from the likes of Ken Starr.

Not only are the religious fundamentalists behind Prop. 8 planning to defend its legitimacy in the California Supreme Court, they have taken their fight to the most outrageous extreme imaginable and are actively trying to invalidate the marriages of tens of thousands of devoted Californians.

This is not some abstract discussion about rights, equality or the legal merits of gay marriage. These are real people with real families who were legally married in California before Prop. 8 took away the marriage rights of every gay Californian. These families are now faced with the prospect that the perennial agents of intolerance will forcibly rip their marriage away from them.

I hardly have the words to describe how furious this makes me. We’ve come a long way in this country — struggling mightily to stamp out the abominations of slavery and segregation — but we still live in a society where people unapologetically indulge their ignorance and animus in order to lash out at vulnerable minorities they blindly choose not to understand.

If this makes you as angry as it does me, take action now and sign the Courage Campaign’s letter to the California Supreme Court.

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