This new Gallup poll is pretty remarkable:


Obama’s overall approval rating jumped to 67 percent.

The more dramatic development?

His approval rating among Republicans jumped 15 points — from 27 to 42 percent in a week.

This is obviously great news for the Republican Party and their all-obstruction-all-the-time strategy. 2010 is probably going to be a bloodbath.

  1. Gherald L says:

    Sorry but you really can't predict 2010 whatsoever based on this The safest bet is still that the House will remain close to static in composition. The Senate is a lot messier and depends on recruitment; we won't know much until we know the candidates. (Though the number of Republican retirees is looking grim for them so far)

    I estimate that within a week Republican approval will drop closer to 33% as people absorb Obama's proposed budget.

    Tuesday's speech was excellent salesmanship, but there's a gulf between how people right of center interpret his oratory and how he actually plans to govern.

    Some of the gap is in their head, and some of it is deliberate political spin. I'm not exactly calling Obama a liar, just a politician — and a very intelligent and smooth one, in a respectable way : )

    • Metavirus says:

      that's fair, although i think the 50-year wilderness that the republicans experienced after hoover's disastrous handling of the great depression can be instructive. predicting 2010 precisely is of course a fool's errand. however, just evaluating obama's once-in-a-generation political skills juxtaposed against the republicans' psychotic tone-deafness right now would lead one to look very favorably on the democrats' chance to really roll over the republicans in 2010. lots of stuff can happen but the outlook looks good

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