The RNC is having a debate amongst the contenders for the organization’s top job.

Just to give you a flavor of how obscenely out of touch these vaunted GOP operatives are, consider a couple of their responses when asked to name Bush’s biggest mistake (to repeat: his biggest mistake):

Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele cited the “failure to communicate on the war, Katrina, the bailout.” [emphasis mine]

South Caroline Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson cited the decision to push Social Security and immigration reform which, he said, “tore our party apart.”

Yep, you read that right.

Michael Steele said that one of Bush’s biggest mistakes was poor communication skills in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (not, you know, his failure to prevent the deaths of 1,600 Americans in the most embarrassing and tragic episode in modern American history).

And Katon Dawson believes that the biggest, most worstest, thing that Bush did to destroy the Republican brand for a generation was his bad timing on pushing Social Security and immigration reform! Seriously!


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