Following up on my earlier post on the strangeness of thinking that God intervenes in people’s personal lives, I just wanted to relate a personal story that my mom just told me that got my blood boiling.

As a brief backstory, my stepdad’s father (call him Barry) is currently close to passing away from cancer. He and his wife are very sweet people and I’ve taken quite a shine to them over the past few years while getting to know them. The doctors say he only has a short time to live and my mom and stepdad have been taking care of him in his final days.

A lot of relatives have been coming in to visit to pay their respects over the past week. One of the relatives that have inquired with my mom about coming to visit is Barry’s sister. In turns out that Barry’s sister is a serious born-again fanatic who constantly berates Barry and his wife about how insufficiently Christian she considers them to be.

Well, here’s the kicker. While Barry slowly passes away and his wife begins the difficult grieving process, this is what Barry’s sister told my mom on a recent phone call:

Well, as you know, I’m over here praying for a cure. If he believed in the Lord enough, he’d be cured.

Can you begin to grasp the viciousness and cruelty of a person lobbing this razor-sharp barb into a household that is dealing with the slow passing of a loved one? To think that this horrid woman would utter such bile — at a time when Barry’s wife must be going through all sorts of pain, regret and suffering — is nearly beyond comprehension.

Although this is but one example that happens to be palpably close to my heart, there are countless other examples out there of horrid, mean-spirited people who cloak their innate sociopathic viciousness in the false veil of self-important righteousness. How does an allegedly Christian person say something like this and think that the Jesus they purport to believe in would sanction such thoughtless cruelty?

Jesus, please save us from your followers…

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  1. Mojoey says:

    I once had an experience where my brother-in-law was dying in a hospital. A Catholic priest refused to give him last rights and actually told him he was going to spend eternity in hell. All because he married by sister. He survived to spend that last 25 years with my sister (poor guy). I don't think he ever set foot in a church again.

    • Metavirus says:

      talk about inhumanity! and these people are doing it in the name of a guy that was supposed to have preached love and forgiveness! the amount of ignorance and self-deception that goes on in the name of religion is truly staggering.

  2. Cearal says:

    That's a great story Monitor. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Metavirus says:

    you're welcome. thanks for reading.

  4. vjack says:

    And they wonder why we want them to keep that infamous Christian love to themselves! Wow!

    And for the Christians who will want to say that no "real Christian" would ever say anything like that, I'd just like to point out that they have to learn it somewhere and that this type of thing is far too common.

    • Metavirus says:

      yea. it's pretty easy for people to use the 'well, that's not how a REAL christian would act'. kind of like 'well, jihadism is not how a REAL muslim would act!'. so easy to excuse the natural consequences of religion by pegging anything bad as aberrant.

      • Morphine says:

        I would call that the natural consequence of human greed, weakness and some extraordinarily sophisticated mind-control tactics, rather than of religion per se. All that religion, or at least theism, does is give people an unquestionable (and handily silent) authority to claim to act in the name of, and we all know what power does to people.

        However, I have to say that it irks me to see people who purport to be Christians acting like the very vain, intolerant, materialistic bigots that Jesus, by most accounts, preached against. I think that the REAL Christians™ do have a point, but I also think that a true follower of Christ would be too humble to say so in such strident tones.

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