You gotta hand it to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich — he is just about the most perfect nutjob politician on the market these days.

Facing down the hurricane-force political headwinds, Blago announced today that he will appoint respected pol Roland Burris to President-Elect Obama’s vacated Senate seat, against the stated wishes of Obama and the entire Democratic Caucus in the Senate. Ballsy!

You’ve got to watch the press conference to appreciate the depths (heights?) of mental illness chutzpah he is plumbing:

Wonkette, as usual, has the best snark to sum it all up:

“Blagojevich’s news conference came less than an hour after U.S. Senate Democratic leadership issued a statement saying the Senate will not seat anyone the governor chooses to fill Illinois’ vacant Senate post.”

O RLY, Democratic leadership? You’re going to REFUSE this nice, experienced, elderly black gentleman a legally valid seat in the Senate? Ha ha, no you won’t!…

Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush also spoke at the presser to offer his support of Burris, and he said THIS: “I would ask you not to hang or lynch the appointee as you try to castigate the appointor.”

HA HA HA, yeah c’mon Harry Reid, stop lynching black people, it’s a dick move.

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